Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Hello Bloggers -
We have had a run of orders on our Going to Market Basket pattern over the past few weeks. When I asked some of the customers where they had seen it, a few of their favorite blogs were mentioned. We want to both acknowledge and thank them for the promotion. It was fun viewing their blogs and I found myself getting caught up in the moment (or should I say hours) of jumping from one to another. I think I now fully understand the excitement over these delightful online spaces to share and stay connected with others. Yikes, in a matter of minutes I found myself clicking from quilting to knitting, artisan bread baking and cupcakes (also a few of my passions). This can be dangerous, but in a good way. I need to stop and get some work done. If you are not familiar with these blogs, please take a few minutes to visit them, as they are wonderful:, www., and
Let us know if you have a favorite blog you like to visit.
Until next time, enjoy blogging!
Laura & Diana


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I really had fun with this quilt and was glad to take a class with it. As soon as I saw the picture of your quilt I knew I had to make it. Some of the ladies in my class did not opt for the black and white handles. I think it was a mistake. The baskets were still cute but they just didn't pop like the black and white handles. I'm glad some of my readers came to buy the pattern from you. I've had a lot of interest in this quilt!

  2. Thanks for the mention and for your visit! Such of a treat of a pattern -- making those curved handles is still magical. :-) I believe that Quilts! Quilts!! Quilts!!! was the first quilting book I ever purchased. It has never been put in quilt book storage (you know, for lack of bookshelf space). Still one of the very best books! Thanks!!