Monday, February 16, 2009

Bouquets for You

Empty Spools Seminars sent out cards last week with the image of our quilt pattern “Bouquets for You”.

This is our original design and an example of what Laura will be teaching at the 5th session (August 30-Sept. 4, 2009). This five-day class offers you an opportunity to learn to draft your own original design, determine the best methods for cutting and constructing them and selecting fabric. Those interested in taking it one step further, can also learn how to write instructions for producing your own patterns. If you are a shop owner or teacher you can use this time to develop new classes. With Laura’s expertise you can make the sample quilts and write the instructions. You will be ready to return to your shop not only with an abundance of new ideas for classes, but samples ready to display. We ran the Teacher’s Development Seminars for C & T Publishing for over 7 years and have taught classes for over 25. We know what is important for designing successful classes.

Consider joining us at the Empty Spools Seminars located at Asilomar.

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